There are a lot of reasons why a majority of people prefer streaming instead of using other services like satellite or cable. With the internet, people now realize that the norm is not always the best. Below are some excellent facts about streaming.

Save Money

Some people prefer streaming in order to save money, and this does not mean they can not afford satellite or cable, but it is because they don’t want to add more expenses. Streaming your movies or shows is cost friendly as many people have at least one TV and high-speed internet at their home. The greatest thing about streaming devices is that you are required only to pay a one time fee for a device. Additionally, there are some shows which you can watch for free without incurring a monthly bill. You need high-speed internet, and this may be the reason why a person may choose to stream.

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Too Lazy To Return Videos

After renting a video from places like Redbox, some people feel tired of returning those videos they were excited about renting when they were for example at their favorite shopping center. It can be a hectic day and you don’t have time to do it. What makes people return the videos is that, if you don’t return them on time, the fees will add up. Streaming helps to avoid these situations. It is easy to visit places such as Amazon Prime and choose a movie you want to watch. After you are done watching, there is nothing to return.


It is evident that almost everybody owns DVRs. You can save a show you were watching but unfortunately, someone else comes and deletes it mistakenly, and you are unable to continue watching your show. If this happens, you have nothing to do about it. With streaming, shows can’t be deleted. The shows are always there when you have time to watch them.

Lots Of Choices

There is an endless amount of movies and shows to choose from. This can be a subscription you like watching on YouTube. It is always there for you to stream.


Entitlements mean watching what you want when you want. This is something everybody can,t mind taking advantage of. Additionally, if you can’t get the latest episodes of your favorite shows if they are not aired yet, there are a variety of movies and shows you can watch on behalf.

Guilty Pleasures

We all have those shows that we do not want people to know we watch. This could be a cartoon, a cheesy reality show or a YouTube video. Also, it can be a bad movie that you do not want to admit that you like. With streaming, you can watch this shows comfortably because there are not saved anywhere on your device.


These are fun facts about why people prefer streaming rather than watching TV or movies on their satellite services or cable. A lot of people are changing their view on TV, and the best part is that they have many options.